Vodka Martini Recipe

Classic Martini Recipe

Favorite Restaurant Drink Recipe

Please believe me, it is important to get this classic Vodka Martini Recipe "right."

Look at the picture! I LOVE green olives with a vodka martini! I was in the restaurant business for well over three decades and have entertained frequently at home. I am certain about this: A basic Vodka Martini must be perfect for martini drinkers and it must be served in the proper glass. Martini drinkers are very picky about this vodka restaurant drink recipe.

The so-called "martini culture" is alive and well, and growing, in the U.S. The people who want to enjoy a classic vodka martini know precisely how the drink should taste ...and look. It must be perfect or they will be unhappy.

Don't worry. I have the perfect, the best, approved restaurant recipe for you. Follow the vodka recipe to the letter and serve it in the proper martini glass and your guests will applaud your efforts.

Classic Vodka Martini Recipe

Favorite Restaurant Drink Recipe

Preparation time: 1 minute. Serves 1


  • 2 1/2 ounces vodka (this martini is almost all vodka, so the vodka should be good)
  • 1 dash dry vermouth (2-3 drops but not a splash)
  • Lemon peel (normally not a twist) and or 3 green olives for garnish (a cocktail onion is sometimes preferred ...I always ask)



  • Pour vodka and vermouth into mixing glass
  • Add ice and stir (some people, like James Bond, prefer the vodka martini shaken can ask your guest) to chill
  • Place your choice of garnish in a martini glass and pour the vodka mixture gently over the garnish
  • Strain into your Martini glass

Enjoy your Classic Martini Recipe and the company of those you share it with! It is a famous restaurant drink recipe.