Vegetable Steamer

Electric Steamer for Food

Could It Change Your Life?

Using a Vegetable Steamer or Food Steamer for vegetables, grains, pastas, seafood and other foods retains food's nutritional value and flavor.

No fats are added when you cook with a steamer. A steamer can also save time.

Consider a Vegetable Steamer

If you have never steamed rice or carrots or fresh green beans, you need to try it.

With the first bite, you'll be "hooked."

You do not need an electric food steamer. You can steam food using an insert with your cookware or what is called a steamer insert or basket. Or you can use bamboo steamers.

The advantage of an electric steamer is that you can steam several items at the same time without using other cookware. You can set the timer, sit down in your favorite chair and when the timer goes off ...enjoy your meal!

You can blanch vegetables with your steamer, you can defrost frozen vegetables and you can reheat leftovers ...all with an electric steamer. With a little reading and a little practice, an electric steamer will do a lot.

Buying your first electric steamer can be a bit over-whelming. The information on this page is provided to help you sort through the options.

Do you need a double or triple layer steamer or a simple single basket steamer?

It depends on what you plan to steam and the size of your family.

The one advantage to the double or triple layered approach is that you can cook a variety of foods -- taking a variety of times -- in sequence (grains in the bottom, add veggies that usually take longer to cook (for example carrots) a few minutes later to the next basket.

Then, if it is a triple basket, add two small King salmon fillets (or lobster tails!) on the top layer during the last minutes of cooking.

Your meal comes out all at once!

If you are a single person or primarily plan to cook grains or vegetables in your steamer, then a simple, one basket steamer will work fine.

Black and Decker makes a single layer steamer but it is dividable, meaning you can steam two different food items at one time.

Of course, any vegetable steamer you purchase should have a good timer and be durable and easy to clean.

With a little online research you will be able to find the vegetable steamer that is best for your needs.

I hope you found this basic information helpful in your consideration of and search for a steamer. Thanks for the visit!


Did you know? Steaming food preserves the flavor and vitamins better than boiling.