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Read testimonials about these recipes from people who have been regular restaurant customers for years and from some people who have just tried a recipe or two.

Who better to tell you about the quality of recipes on this website than the people who have eaten at the restaurant regularly and those who have already prepared food at home using these real restaurant recipes? Here are a few examples.

Once in a while a new website or cookbook come along that makes you just want to jump for joy. 

My excitement came when I learned that Donna Hager, long-time owner of a very successful local restaurant had ventured into a new passion.

In response to years of being asked by customers for favorite restaurant recipes, Donna launched “Real Restaurant Recipes.com.” Her website provides some of the very best restaurant recipes, each loaded with classy home cooked goodness and nutrition.

The very first recipe I looked for was the BEST Bran Muffin EVER and sure enough there it was!  Hoping to continue my luck I searched for the Almond Turkey Salad Recipe I enjoy so much as a lunch special, yup! Now I can make it at home!

Donna really wouldn’t give away her special Sweet and Sour House Dressing Recipe, would she?  My gosh, yes!

As manager of our local Chamber of Commerce in Snohomish, Washington, I spend a lot of time watching new ventures get established. This website and your e-cook are winners!

I applaud Donna for a giving the public such a great recipe lovers website.

Congratulations, Donna.

Pam Osborne

Washington State, USA

Hi Donna,

What a delight to have discovered your website and cookbook!

I took your suggestion and saved the electronic cookbook on my desktop - reliable recipes with a click of the mouse!

 Last night I tried your spinach salad and made a batch of your bran muffins and talk about perfection! Can't count the number of bran muffin recipes I have tried over the years, none of them that exciting. Until now.

Thank you so much for your work and I look forward to receiving your e-newsletter and cooking many good meals using your e-cookbook.

Happy Dining!


California, U.S.A.

Hi Donna,

Just wanted to let you know I spent almost two hours exploring your website. You are doing a really great job and I didn’t even know you could build your own site.

You know how busy I am with my own business and as a City Council member, but I really wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your restaurant and the food. Do you realize I have been coming to the restaurant for over 20 years!

I always enjoy a bran muffin with my coffee and newspaper in the morning. And you see me three or four times a week for lunch! I really love your quiche and your Alaskan halibut and chips are so wonderful. I have never had better fish anywhere.

In fact, I have always been pleased with both your food and service. Both are excellent!

What a service your website is and will be to everyone interested in cooking, in recipes and in the food we consume daily!


City Council Member

I swear to God, they are the best brownies I have ever eaten. Thanks, and I love the website!

5 Stars!



What I loved about the Turkey Pot Pie Recipe:

The ingredients are simple and the recipe is easy, but most of all it is delicious!

Another great thing about it is how much it makes. It is a very large batch which you can freeze in smaller quantities to take out later and put in a fresh pie shell and bake. Or as we did, you can make homemade pies and put them in the freezer to take out and enjoy a ready-made dinner at any time!

Speaking as a mother I have one last thought ...even though the recipe is excellent as it is, if you have children you know they can sometimes be finicky so you can use ingredients your family prefers such as carrots, peas, and/or green beans and the pot pie is still wonderful. 

To sum it up I'd say it's delicious, easy and convenient for the busy lives most of us lead these days. ENJOY!



Washington State, U.S.A.

Testimonials !!! Thank You!

I love to get these testimonials so you will have the assurance you need to try these real restaurant recipes.


These Quotes "Work" as Testimonials !

"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food."

Paul Prudhomme

"We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly."

Anna Thomas