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What Are The Best Pans?

Skillets or frying pans, generally range in size from 6-8 inches ( 2 or 3 fried eggs ) to 10-12 inches ( enough eggs for several people at a time ).

The sides of these pans flare out while the height remains shallow.

Generally, a frying pan should not be too heavy to lift or move around. It should have a long handle that stays cool.

The frying pan is the one to turn to when you want to sear and brown something fast and then bring the heat down quickly.

For instance, when cooking minced garlic, in the time it takes to color the garlic a little in hot oil, you'll be turning the heat down to avoid burning.

Skillets !

These pans are not about slow cooking or braising. Often they do not have lids because they do not have the need to seal in juices as a pan for slow cooking must do.

A 6-8 inch pan is a highly functional pan for cooking an omelet or scrambled egg, sauteing garlic or your favorite vegetables.

A 10-12 inch skillet can be used for frying greater volumes of the same items, and for stir-frying if the pan is made from heavy material that conducts heat well so there are no hot spots.

All my pans, are made of such material. There are two important (critical) factors to be concerned with when considering purchasing a pan of any kind: conductivity and durability. These two factors are discussed in detail on the general cookware page.

But please also remember that if you purchase any non-stick aluminum pans you should make certain they are anodized (super hardened).

Inexpensive non-stick pans will NOT wear well nor will they hold up to high heat. 

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