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And You Thought You Wanted to Own A Restaurant

Welcome to Real Restaurant Recipes Real Restaurant Stories page, where I “tell all.”

This website is mostly about customer-tested, customer-approved real restaurant recipes. They “work.”

But having owned a full-service restaurant for over 30 years, I have often been asked what it is really, truly like to be a restaurant owner. Now I can tell you.

People tell me the restaurant business is about food and service. That’s true. I’ve also had people tell me they’ve “always” wanted to own a restaurant. “I’ve got some great recipes …,” “I’ve got a fantastic concept …,” etc.

But ‘the biz’ is really about people …ALL about people.

I took careful notes all these years. I can share true stories about customers and employees and vendors and even government workers with whom I had experiences.

Some of these stories will seem strange…impossible even. But rest assured …ALL ARE TRUE. They really happened.

I will add these actual stories as time permits. I am still adding more real restaurant recipes so it will take some time. Bookmark this page and return occasionally to read more Real Restaurant Stories.

You see, I will never run out of these stories. My husband and I carefully recorded our life experiences in the restaurant business. We have hundreds to share.

Happy reading!

True Restaurant Stories

A Mother’s Day to Forget!

This Mother’s Day Article tells a real story of what happened one Mother's Day at the restaurant.

Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year for most restaurants, including mine. I was looking forward to it from a financial stand-point, but I had a few concerns because I had a new Chef.

My Food Took Too Long!

I was "expediting" on a very busy Sunday morning at the restaurant. That was my normal station on Sundays between 9AM and 2PM …busy, busy, busy.

This is a true story about a restaurant service complaint.

Thanks for finding the website! Please “click around.” You’ll be pleased.


Did you know? The earliest use of ‘restaurant’ in English was in 1806. We just said ‘eating-house’ before that.