Restaurant Drink Recipe

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At Real Restaurant Drink Recipes, you will find many choices for delicious beverages, including alcoholic beverages that you would typically only find in a quality restaurant, as well as many non-alcoholic drinks from homemade lemonade to punch recipes to virgin cocktails.

You will find not just one favorite restaurant recipe at Real Restaurant Recipes, but many from which to choose.

Pick out a drink recipe and add the crowning touch to your extraordinary meal or your entertainment venue.

Restaurant Drink Recipe

Restaurant beverages can be non-alcoholic beverages such as a Six Fruit Smoothie for a breakfast boost, or old fashioned homemade lemonade to enjoy on a warm afternoon, a Three Fruit Punch for a party or baby shower, or a Virgin Mai Tai or delicious Virgin Bloody Mary for an morning or evening refreshment.

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Famous beverages such as a Pina Colada, a Bloody Mary, a Classic Martini or Margarita, a popular Mojito and many more can be made right in your own home using these drink recipes.

If gin is what you enjoy or would like to try, you can mix up a famous Tom Collins, and for Vodka lovers why not try a Raspberry Lemonade, a Strawberry Cranberry Frost, or a Surfer Martini?

Want to go a little "retro?" Try a Rusty Nail, made famous by the "rat pack." The story about this beverage and the secret restaurant recipe for it is right here at Real Restaurant Recipes.

And so are others, such as the once famous but still wonderful Whiskey Sour or the classic Rob Roy.

Regardless of the type of beverage you enjoy, you can find a drink recipe to fill the bill. Why settle for the old, boring drink you always have when you can easily mix together a Chocolate Covered Cherry or Irish Cream Stinger?

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Enjoy your beverages and the company you share them with!


Did you know? Hooch or hootch is an American slang word popular during prohibition for illegally produced alcoholic liquor. It is also a colloquialism for cheap liquor.

The word originated in the late 19th century in Alaska. A small Tlingit tribe, the Hutsnuwu (Hoochinoo) Indians lived on Admiralty island, south of Juneau, and were distilling their own alcoholic liquor from molasses in the late 19th century (they probably learned the distillation process from American trappers). The product became known as'hoot-chinoo', 'hooch' or 'hootch.'

Did you know? Ale is a fermented alcoholic beverage that is brewed from the same basic ingredients as lager beer.

Different fermentation methods give it a different flavor. Ale generally has a stronger hop flavor and higher alcoholic content than beer.