Lemon Herb Butter Recipe

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Restaurant Flavored Butter Recipe

Elegant, deliciously easy flavored herb butters such as this Lemon Herb Butter Recipe adds fabulous tastes to even the simplest of prepared meals.

Flavored butters can be added to vegetables, fish, chicken, pork beef, soups and even sauces.

This particular restaurant butter recipe is excellent with almost any fish or chicken dish and also vegetables as well as other entrees.

Any herb can be used to create herb butter. I like to use those herbs that will provide reasonably distinctive flavors. Some herbs can get “lost” in the flavor of the butter.

Traditional combinations of herbs to use with poultry such as parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme and basil, are great for herb butters. You can also use cilantro, oregano, tarragon and chives in various combinations.

Using certain liquor and cheeses in a butter is also something you can do for certain food enhancements. Examples of these are the restaurant recipe for Gorgonzola Butter and Brandy Steak Butter.

I also love lemon zest. I use it for this restaurant recipe. The outside of a lemon is the strongest source of aroma and flavor of a lemon.

When using herbs in butter you really should use fresh herbs as much as possible. Fresh herbs will release their flavor directly into the butter easily. The butter fat “holds” the flavor like a magnet.

When softening butter, do not use heat. Just allow the butter to soften at room temperature.

Another tip: chop the herbs you use finely.

And finally, when your butter is soft and your herbs are chopped, add the herb mixture a bit at a time and mix well. This will give you the consistency of flavor throughout your butter.

Lemon Herb Butter Recipe

Favorite Restaurant Butter Recipe

Preparation time: 15 minutes. Servings: 10-12



  • 1 pound butter (room temperature)
  • Juice and zest from one lemon (no seeds)
  • 1-2 tablespoons fresh herb (I usually use thyme and/or basil for this restaurant recipe. If using both, it’s one tablespoon total or to taste. Remember, chop finely.)
  • 3 teaspoons fresh parsley, chopped finely (or 1 dried parsley)



  • Combine all ingredients in a food processor or mix very well.
  • Turn out onto wax paper or parchment paper and form into a long roll (a log)
  • Twist ends of paper and chill and then freeze if not using right away


To serve on top of cooked fish, slice pieces from the butter log.

Do the same for serving a chicken breast

For a roasted chicken, melt the butter and brush on the chicken while roasting

There you have it! An easy, but delicious restaurant recipe for lemon herb butter.

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