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What They Are - What to Have

Kitchen Tools Have Come a Long Way!

Flimsy Kitchen Utensils are not something you should put up with.

Having a spoon or whisk break or bend while doing a job is not acceptable, especially when there are good quality utensils available at very reasonable prices.

How well a tool is made is one important factor to consider.

What the utensil is made of is also important in order to protect your cookware. If you have nonstick cookware you must use spoons, whisks and spatulas made of materials that will not damage the surface of your pots and pans.

A kitchen tool, such as a spoon or ladle or spatula should be able to withstand temperatures of 350 - 400 degrees F.

How the tool feels or fits your hand is another consideration important one if you are cooking a lot. 

A tool should not easily slip in your hands.

Make certain your kitchen gadget is sized right for your pots and pans. A spoon or whisk, for example, must be long enough to easily reach the bottom of the pot or pan.

And finally, a good purchase will likely last forever.

Kitchen Utensils !

Kitchen Tool Starter Sets

If you need a starter set you may want to consider one like the set pictured to the left. This set is made by All Clad for nonstick cookware and carries Emeril LaGasse's signature (Mr. "Bam" and "Mr. Garlic").

I really like Emerilware kitchen utensils. I encourage you to check out both the nonstick and stainless steel tools carrying this chef's name.

Cuisinart also makes some very good kitchen utensils. They have "bundled" some of them into a stainless steel set like the one pictured.

Individual Kitchen Utensils

The kitchen utensils pictured above (solid spoon, slotted spoon, meat fork, and ladle)  and below (spatula, whisk, tongs, peeler) are essential tools for your kitchen. You can buy nonstick or stainless (as pictured) depending on your cookware.

You should also have a couple sizes of ladles, a 2 ounce and either a 4 or 6 ounce, for sauces, gravies, soups and stews.

The same is true for whisks and spatulas;  a small one and a larger one.

Wooden Spoons

What about wooden spoons?

I love quality Beechwood spoons. They can be used with non-stick and stainless cookware.

I really like the "feel" of wooden spoons. Maybe it is because I grew up using wooden spoons but many people I know seem to enjoy cooking a little more when they are using them.

Wooden spoons can be purchased in sets or individually.

Other Essential Kitchen Utensils

Pictured to the left is a really great kitchen helper. This is a mallet made of heavy (and beautiful) materials.

I use it to flatten chicken breasts for searing and certain cuts of meat for specific recipes. Because it weighs about two pounds it requires little effort to accomplish the tasks.

I also use it to crush croutons and graham crackers for crumbs, breaking up chocolate, and to crush cloves of garlic.

A strainer like the OXO one pictured here should have a fine-grid mesh for draining liquids from fruit, vegetables, and pasta.

When you research buying a strainer make certain it has a wide stainless-steel brim and loop to "rest it" on almost any bowl or pot. Sturdiness counts. The one pictured has double-rod construction.

Are you a "super serious" cook? Do you want to improve the flavor of every dish you make? 

Then introduce your spices to a mortar and pestle!

By grinding them, you'll set them free to do their job! This is a kitchen utensil that will make a noticeable difference in the taste of the food you prepare but it involves work and real dedication.

Peppermill ...

Grind some fresh pepper and you'll notice the difference in the food you cook. I often use fresh ground pepper when a recipe calls for pepper. I also have a peppermill on the dining room table.

In fact, I also have a grinder for salt (I use sea salt).

Peppermills come in all sizes, shapes, colors and materials. But the first priority is quality and durability.

I use a hand held can opener both at home and at the restaurant.

My heavy duty OXO Good Grips model works well and I really don't find myself opening a lot of cans home or the restaurant.

The same is true for a bottle opener. I use a "4-way" bottle opener which simply means it can also be used to help me open a "twist off" cap when my hands are slippery.

A corkscrew  like the one pictured to the left (waiters corkscrew) is what I use for opening wine, at home and at the restaurant. I have no difficulty in using it, although some people do.

If you buy a waiters corkscrew, buy a heavy duty one. Some of the cheap ones have thin shafts that bend and break easily.

Of course a good pair of oven mitts is essential if you intend to cook more than once. ;-)

Store the oven mitts near your oven. If your stove is a long way from the oven, have two pair. Keep them close.

A couple of hot pads to set your hot pans on will save your countertops. I also keep kitchen towels as handy helpers and I use them for covering foods prior to use or storing.

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