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Use A Garlic Press

Garlic Is A "Wonder - Wonderful Herb"

Garlic Press may be an important kitchen utensil.

Why? Two reasons, really. First, although garlic is a culinary herb, it is apparently more and more apparent that it provides medicinal benefits.

It also fights many bacteria like an antibiotic.

Scientists are now recognizing garlic as playing an important role in reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and in thinning the blood.

Second, perhaps because garlic has been receiving such favorable reports, people are using it more and more frequently in their cooking. Fresh garlic makes such a huge difference.

"Presses" are used to mince garlic instead of pealing the garlic and mincing with a knife. When you use a press, the peel remains in the press.

That said there are differing opinions about the product produced.

Some people believe “pressed” garlic is inferior in terms of flavor. Others say the flavor is stronger and more “even” than what is produced when using a knife.

One day some years ago, one of the chefs convinced me to try a "press," a cooking tool to mince garlic. I personally like using a press, especially when I need a lot (restaurant work).

I can press several garlic cloves at the same time with very little effort. It has a built-in cleaner that removes the garlic remains very well. It is made of zinc and stainless steel but the handles are padded for comfort and maintaining a good grip.

If you use garlic a lot in your cooking or if you have a hard time using a knife to mince garlic, you may benefit by having a quality garlic tool.

 As I said, I really like it. But I always have breath mints with me! ;-)

Do some more reading and ...Press On!

I hope you found this information interesting and will find it useful in your cooking endeavors. Cooking with garlic and using a garlic press in that effort is something you should try.

You can cook with confidence and style!


Did you know? A "press" is known as a garlic crusher in Australia and New Zealand.