A Funnel

Two Is All You Need

A good Funnel or two can be acquired for very little money.

OXO makes the one pictured above. I love it.

Thoughts About Funnels

It's true that a number of companies make different ones for specific purposes: jam, wine, liquor flasks, honey ...you name it.

I have two of different sizes made by Oxo (pictured above).

One is a 4 ouncer for the small jobs. The other is a 16 ouncer for the big tasks. They came as a set with a removable strainer that fits both of them. These two meet all my needs.

What I like about them is they are designed to be stable with almost any bottle. This is the primary reason I bought them.

They are also vented to allow air to escape which eliminates splashing.

All pieces are made from heat-resistant plastic and are safe up to 250 degrees F.

Both units and strainer nest together for storage and are safe for the dishwasher.

This utensil can be purchased for specialized jobs if you feel the need.

Pictured is one used for jam.

It has the larger opening so after your fruit is cooked you can empty the pot into jars using this stainless steel tool keeping everything clean and neat.

Also pictured is a tool for use with wine.  It has a removable screen for the wine enthusiast.

It is stainless steel and is specifically designed for decanting wine in an artful manner.

It has small holes at its base allowing the wine to stream into the decanter in a pattern.

The over-sized screen allows more wine to flow around sediment.

Time to do your own "exploring."

More Cooking Utensils

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Elizabeth David (1913-1992) ‘French Country Cooking’