Corers and Peelers

Time Savers for the Busy Cook

Corers and vegetable peelers are not absolute necessities for home cooks. They are, however, great time savers if you eat a lot of certain foods.

For example, my family and I eat a lot of apples. A hand held utensil saves me prep time when I want to make apple crisp or apple pie with fresh apples.

I can use this same tool on pears and certain other foods.

Information about Corers and Peelers

A hand-held tool like the ones pictured above and the slicer to the right cost very little, but a few years ago I decided to try something else.

I spent about $20 on a counter top machine that does it all like the one pictured here.

Mine is from "Back to Basics," Model A505  and it works great.

Not all of these kitchen utensils are created equal, however, so if you want one, do your homework. Research the item through the source listed below.

A tomato shark is also nice to have. It does a good job of quickly and safely removing the tomato core.

I usually use a knife to core a pineapple but some people I know want the pineapple flesh left in one piece with only the core removed. Yes, they make tools to deal with pineapples, too.

You can see there are a variety of corers, slicers and peelers that are available.

Now it's your turn to have some fun researching your needs or desires. Have fun!