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This Barware Page was written the day after I had a few of my neighbors over for cocktails and a wild smoked salmon appetizer with some party trays I made up the day before.

As I took their beverage orders, one of my neighbors asked if she could help me prepare the drinks. I explained it was no problem for me to put the requests together in just a couple of minutes.

She then asked if she could at least watch. Seems she really wanted to learn something about bartending and bar ware. She asked to see my bar and took notes on the bar ware and tools I was using.

We all had a great time talking about everything under the sun (minus politics and religion), but several of my friends asked me more questions about making and serving drinks.

Of course I learned about making drinks and bar ware and bar glassware because of being a restaurant owner. I wondered how many more people could benefit from what I knew. I hope this page helps answer the basic questions for a lot of people.

As a former restaurant and lounge owner, I not only learned how to make every conceivable drink imaginable and how to garnish those drinks, I also learned about wine and beer and what bar ware and glassware I needed for each.

For home entertainment, the bar ware and glassware needed is much less extensive than needed at the restaurant.

What should you have at home for making drinks and serving beer and wine?

Barware !

Recommended Basic Glassware for Your Beverage Service

  • Shot Glasses
  • Double Old Fashion Glasses (Rocks)
  • High Ball Glasses
  • Martini (Manhattan) Glasses
  • Margarita (Coupe) Glasses (Nice, but not absolutely necessary)
  • White and Red Wine Glasses
  • Beer Glasses or Mugs (Again, nice but not "absolutely" necessary)

  • Nice Items for Enhancing Your Beverage Service

  • Wine Chiller
  • Wine Charms for you and your guests to keep track of your wine at your next gathering.
  • Wine Decanters for either liquor or wine. Great style.
  • Cocktail Stirrers

  • The "world" of wine and beer seems to be getting more and more complex (if you "allow" it to). I don't. But I do have a strong basic knowledge of wine and beer.

    I hope this very basic barware information proves useful to you. My neighbor was pleased. Keep the website on your favorites, please. It will allow you to see changes to my website as I make them. How cool is that!


    "What contemptible scoundrel has stolen the cork to my lunch?"

    W.C. Fields

                            Nice glass, Jack.