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What's Cookin'?, June 7, 2007 - You Can Cook With Confidence & Style
June 07, 2007

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Forget The Tie -
Remembering Dads on Fathers Day

Welcome Everyone! Welcome to another issue of What's Cookin'?"

The reason I started the web site remains the same: To provide quality recipes, information about food, cooking tips and articles you can use and enjoy immediately and forever.

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Forget The Tie - Remembering Dads on Fathers Day

Every Fathers Day I am reminded how fortunate I was to have a Dad like mine. My Dad was "Number One," and, yes, I miss him. But I never bothered to buy him a tie. My sisters and I knew what he wanted more.

My Dad was a very quiet, gentle, caring father of four girls - no boys! Thinking back, I am sure Dad was a little "over his head" with all of us girls. I don't think he really knew what to do with us. "No rough-housing" was a standard phrase my Dad would use. I think he thought we'd "break."

But Dad would do the quiet things with us like telling stories about far away places where we could raise giant cabbages, hunt for gold or drill for oil. His stories were exciting and sometimes very funny - at least to his four daughters. We'd fall to sleep at night thinking about going on adventures with Dad.

We never knew what to buy for Dad on Father's Day. Of course we'd ask, but his answer was always the same. "I have everything a Father could want, including all the ties I can ever use." Ties were "out." What was left?

Then we caught on to what Dad really liked, not just on Fathers Day, but on days whenever he needed something on wanted something. He taught us through "trickery."

My father would "trick" us into doing chores he thought we may not want to do, such as, "Girls, don't you dare polish my shoes." Being daring girls - we'd polish his shoes. It was Dad's game, but we were always willing players.

Dad enjoyed simple things like this, and he appreciated having these chores done. He was such a kind man that he found his pleasure not in receiving, but in giving. This was one of the greatest lessons we all learned from Dad.

When his girls grew up and left the nest, food would appear in our cupboards from "no where." Money would be found in our purses mysteriously, but always after a visit from Dad. He would never mention it. He didn't want thanks. He knew we'd appreciate it and love him all the more.

Dad always worried about his girls. One time he stayed on the phone with one of my sisters while she used a pressure cooker to can. He was worried she'd somehow blow it up. He even told her to put her baby outside in the playpen while she was using the pressure cooker!

Yes, my Dad was a quiet man. He loved to read, he loved to watch the Brooklyn Dodgers on TV, he loved to have his girls do easy chores for him and he loved to spend time with his family and have a grand (simple) meal prepared for him. His wife - and his girls - could cook. This is how we showed our love, not just on Fathers Day, but throughout the year. We made Fathers Day special by simply telling him how much we loved him, and by cooking him anything he wanted.

Remembering and thanking your father on Fathers Day need not be difficult and probably doesn't need to include buying a tie. But don't forget the old saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Often it is true.

Surprise your Dad, or your Grand Dad, or your husband with some culinary delights and his favorite beverage or two. And barbecuing is often a hit for Dad's day, if the weather is good.

Invite family to a Father's Day celebration and make it a potluck so everyone has a chance to give. It makes the day easy and enjoyable and rewarding.

Use the link below to access a large number of recipe ideas for Fathers Day, regardless of the weather - and have a wonderful day with "Dad."

Click on Father's Day Recipes to access lots of ideas.

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