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This page is about policies including, but not limited to, this website and future publications of said business. It was written to keep your trust. You deserve an honest, rewarding and positive online experience.

Privacy Statement, Security and Terms of Use

This Company believes your personal information must be protected.

Like all websites, we collect information only to enhance your visit and improve our ability to deliver the content and experience you are looking for.

However, personably identifiable information (your first name, address if provided voluntarily by you, e-mail address and telephone number if voluntarily provided by you) may be used by us to improve our website and product(s), tracking your needs and desires.

Personally identifiable information collected by this company may be used to communicate with you about our site, our publications, services and products and any other information you request by registering to accept such information.

We NEVER distribute your information to any unauthorized third party by any means.

This website has the needed security in place to protect your privacy, e commerce transactions, and the misuse of the site’s contents that are under our control.

Links, Advertisers, Affiliations

Please understand we cannot guarantee third party interests or those who link to our site or publications will adhere to our policies. You should not assume that such links or references to other sites are endorsements by this company.

We are not responsible and cannot assume responsibility for the actions of others.

Terms of Use

As a policy, all on-line materials on this site and material acquired through this site are copyrighted intellectual property owned and controlled by this company.

You may download materials for non-commercial personal use so long as you respect all copyright laws and make no changes to the material.

It is our policy that all materials and information you may send to us becomes the property of this company and such transmissions or submissions will not be treated as confidential. You cannot sue this company for using said materials or information.

It is our policy not to pay you or anyone else for said materials or information or the use of said. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any submissions or transmissions you make.

We have used care and diligence in preparing and producing our website and all related and associated materials. We make no representations or warranties with respect to the results or completeness of informational materials found in any of said publications.

The information found on this website or future publications from this company is not a substitute for specific advice or instruction. Therefore the user of said information understands that he/she is assuming full (sole) responsibility for any actions taken with regard to the information described.

The ingredients and cooking methods listed and described in all publications are consistent and accurate with ingredients and cooking methods used commonly. However, the failure of the end user to take commonly-known, well-established food safety measures in implementing the recipes and instructions or other information shall in no way be attributed to the content of the publications or future publications of this company even if not specifically listed above.

Every effort has been made to accurately communicate this material and its potential.

Actual results from these recipes, ideas, concepts and other communications are the sole responsibility of the user of said material.

This Company will not be held liable for your use, inability to use or misuse of this site or any of its other publications or materials.

We are not liable for errors, omissions, viruses, or worms, etc. that might be found on this site or other company produced materials. Nor are we liable for delays in transmissions or operational matters of this site and our other materials.

Our liability is limited to the actual purchase price paid for our own product(s) if a customer is unhappy and so states within the stated guaranteed time frame.

By using all or any part of this website you are automatically agreeing to all stated terms.

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