Cooking Terms O P and Q

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This page provides cooking definitions for cooking terms O P and Q.

Cooking Terms can be a little confusing so these definitions are provided for frequently used terms found in recipes and articles about cooking.

As with all dictionaries, the terms are alphabetized (I think ;-) )

Cooking Terms O P and Q : Learning the Language

Cooking Terminology: Words starting with "O"

  • organic - grown or raised without chemicals or artificial growth enhancers, without chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides (this is a favorite topic of mine)
  • oven bake - to cook foods surrounded by hot dry air
  • oven broil - to cook with radiant heat from above
  • oven poach - to cook in the oven with a small amount of water or another liquid

Cooking Terminology: Words starting with "P"

  • pan broil - cooking food in a heavy pan without added fat and removing any fat that is produced as you cook the item
  • pan fry - to cook in a moderate amount of fat, uncovered
  • papillote - a cooking method where a product is wrapped in a special paper or foil and baked so that the food cooks in its own juices
  • parboil - to cook partially in a simmering or boiling liquid for a short period of time
  • parchment paper - a special, non-stick, silicone coated, heat resistent paper used in cooking
  • pare or peel - to remove the outer layer of skin from certain foods (usually fruits and vegetables)
  • pickle - to preserve or flavor food in brine
  • pinch - a measurement of less than 1/16th of a teaspoon (same as "dash")
  • pipe - to squeeze a soft food item from a pastry bag to another food item, usually in a decorative manner
  • pit - to remove the center seed from fruits
  • poach - to cook very gently (slowly) in a liquid that is hot but not boiling or bubbling
  • precook - to partially cook food before final cooking process
  • preheat - to heat an oven (or sometimes a pan) to a recommended temperature before cooking in it
  • pressure cooking - using steam under a locked lid to produce high temperatures to accomplish a fast cooking time
  • proof - a cooking term used for the growth of a yeast dough's rise
  • puree' - the action of mashing a food until it has a thick, smooth consistency; usually done by a blender or food processor or pushed through a colander

Cooking Terminology: Words starting with "Q"

No cooking terms for "Q"

Hopefully this cooking dictionary will prove helpful in your pursuit of cooking with confidence and style.


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