Cooking Terms K L M and N

Easy to Understand Cooking Dictionary

This page provides cooking definitions for cooking terms K L M and N.

Cooking Terms can be a little confusing so these definitions are provided for frequently used terms found in recipes and articles about cooking.

As with all dictionaries, the terms are alphabetized (I think ;-) )

Cooking Terms K L M and N : Learning the Language

Cooking Terminology: Words starting with "K"

  • kebab - small chucks of meat, fish, or shellfish that are usually marinated before being skewered and grilled, broiled or pan-fried (pieces of vegetables often are added to the skewer); also called "shish kebab"
  • knead - to press and fold dough in order to give it a smoother consistency needed for leavening
  • kosher salt - very coarse salt

Cooking Terminology: Words starting with "L"

  • larding - putting strips of fat into pieces of meat to help the braised meat stay moist and juicy during cooking
  • leaven - yeast: also the process of whipping egg whites that produces air bubbles and causes the rising of baked items

Cooking Terminology: Words starting with "M"

  • marble - to swirl or layer one food item into another to create a ribbon effect when cooked and sliced
  • marinade - a liquid sauce that is used to soften and flavor meats before cooking (most marinades contain ingredients such as vinegar, oil, lemon, wine, beer, herbs and spices)
  • marinate - to cover a food item with a liquid substance (see above)
  • medallion - a small piece of meat (beef, chicken, pork, veal) lightly pounded into an oval or a round
  • meringue - sweetened egg whites beaten until stiff but light
  • mince - to chop into very fine pieces
  • mirepoix - a mixture of rough-cut or diced vegetables, herbs and spices used for flavoring
  • mise en place - a French cooking term for having all your ingredients prepped and ready to use before starting to cook (very important!)
  • mount - the addition of small pieces of cold butter to a sauce as a finishing process
  • mull - heating wine, cider, or juices with spices, citrus and sugar

Cooking Terminology: Words starting with "N"

  • nap - to cover a food item with a thin, even layer of sauce
  • Nouvelle Cuisine - roughly translated - I can't believe I paid ninety-six dollars and I'm still hungry. ;-)

Hopefully this cooking dictionary will prove helpful in your pursuit of cooking with confidence and style.


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