Cooking Terms E and F

Easy to Understand Cooking Dictionary

This page provides cooking definitions for cooking terms E and F.

Cooking Terms can be a little confusing so these definitions are provided for frequently used terms found in recipes and articles about cooking.

As with all dictionaries, the terms are alphabetized (I think ;-) )

Cooking Terms E and F : Learning the Language

Cooking Terminology: Words starting with "E"

  • egg wash - liquified eggs; beaten eggs with milk or water sometimes added; used in the breading process, in sealing pieces of dough and to coat some baked goods for a shiny look when baked.
  • emulsion - small particles of oil or another liquid suspended in the other (e.g. vinaigrette salad dressing)
  • entree' - in France this refers to the first course of a meal after the soup but before the main course; in the USA it is the main dish
  • espresso - a very strong, dark coffee brewed with steam pressure

Cooking Terminology: Words starting with "F"

  • Fahrenheit - a temperature scale in which 32 degrees represents freezing and 212 degrees is the steam point( to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit reading, multiply by 5 and divide by 9; better yet - have a thermometer that reads both scales)
  • filet - a boneless, skinless piece of meat (fillet is used for boneless, skinless fish)
  • filet mignon - center cut from the tenderloin of beef
  • fillet - to remove the bones from fish or meat before cooking (fish fillet, meat filet)
  • filter - to remove impurities or particles of food by pouring through cheesecloth or a strainer or "China Cap" (chinois)
  • flake - to break food into small pieces (or allow it to do so when cooking)
  • flambe' - a method of cooking in which foods are splashed with liquor and ignited
  • Florentine - food cooked with or garnished with spinach
  • flute - a decorative scalloped edge on pastry or pie crusts; vegetables can be fluted as a way to make them have more eye appeal
  • fold - combining two or more products with a spatula or spoon using a side-to-side motion or a top-to-bottom motion
  • fondue - a warmed creamy liquid made of cheese, eggs, wine or other products and used as a dip for vegetables, breads and some other products
  • fricassee - a stew of cut up poultry fried in butter and simmered with vegetables
  • frittata - an omelet that is baked and not folded; "open-faced" omelet
  • frizzle - to fry julienne vegetables in hot oil until crisp

Hopefully this cooking dictionary will prove helpful in your pursuit of cooking with confidence and style.


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